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Star Cast * July 17

ACG_earth.2What’s Going On – mid July update

My key word for this week is ‘Rally’ !

Hooray -  Mercury finally left the shadow of his previous retrograde. What this means is that Mercury has now arrived at the place in the sky canopy where he was when he stationed retrograde on June 6th – which is 3 degrees of Cancer. So now – get ready to break new ground in ways such as moving ahead in projects, and ideas.

The Cosmic ‘brake’ or slowdown has been removed. It may even feel like you’ve been lifted out of a fog like state of perceiving the world; which is It’s always a good feeling.

Just a heads up, though, Thursday, July 17th – the Aries moon is not in agreement with both Mercury and Pluto – so – this may feel like a bucket of cold water being poured out on your ambitions – instead think of it as a reality check – and move on but don’t accept defeat.

Both Friday and Saturday this week are super busy days in the language of the stars.

On Friday the 18th – things shift as Venus moves into Cancer; hopefully, things will move into a more peaceful state on the world state. However, because the Sun squares Mars on that same day, you may see a show of force and anger –things appear to be set up so that somebody has to win, and somebody has to lose.

Just be sure that you’re strong and happy in the neutral zone this weekend – avoid persona conflict, and instead use this energy to move ahead on your own projects. Also, Mercury trine Neptune on the 18th opens the door to creative solutions through honest dialogue leading to a situation that both parties can live with. Now, that’s Mercury and Neptune finding something positive to talk about.

Saturday, July 19th is a harmonious day that rounds out any stresses of this week and the moon in Taurus  gives you a chance to consolidate your gains. It’s a fine relief after the Sun squares cranky Mars  on Friday. The Taurus moon sextiles Venus, Neptune, and Mercury; and trines Pluto – making for a busy, and best of all – a VERY productive day. Get ready, things are shifting in a good way.

Uranus/Saturn – Trading Directionszodiac_wheel

There appears to be much out of control chaos in the world now, but this is my insight for positive resolutions. On July 20th, Saturn stations direct, symbolically propelling stability and growth into forward motion. The next day, July 22nd, Uranus stations retrograde, putting the brakes on revolution and a free- for- all in the shadow side of humanity.

Think of this Saturn/Uranus turn around as a stabilizing force to recent Cosmic wobbling. Like the high tides on earth, the tides of negativity have peaked, and will abate. Jupiter, entering Leo on the 22nd, has a special affinity for the Sun, which rules Leo. Both are signs and planets of kings, queens, and nations.

Leo does relieve Jupiter of some of his natural spirituality, and the secret to Jupiter’s success in Leo is having favorable support from other planetary aspects. Consider that Jupiter expands what ever is in his realm, so, good becomes very good, but troublesome can grow into problems. So, the caveat with Jupiter in Leo is – keep on the sunny side, and stay out of trouble.

Have an amazing week, and a fantastically rich and rewarding life. If you want to light up your own life with astrology, contact me here.

This week, as always – let your Light shine.

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