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Introducing Maya White

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Do you want to figure out your place in the world? Astrology is your answer. Astro*Carto*Graphy reveals your best place for success.

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Pisces Full Moon * Kuan Yin Moon

partoffortune_front Today, or, actually, this evening, we welcome the Full Moon in Pisces. The Full moon arrives every 28 days, and each in is in a different sign. The September 8th Full moon is exact at 6:38 PT/ 9:38 ET at 16 degrees of Pisces.

Always –the Full moon is in the sign opposite the Sun. You can observe this by looking at the sun setting in the west – and at full moon, you will see the moon rising in the east at exactly the same time. I find this fascinating, and if you can learn this one simple concept – you are on your way to becoming an astrology wiz.

Because the Sun is in Virgo now, using the information presented above, you know that this full moon is in Pisces, the sign of Universal compassion and surrender. Think of this time as being sanctioned by Kuan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of mercy.

The origin of her name is translated as a being who ‘hears the cries of the world’.  One of the several stories surrounding Kuan Yin is that as a human, through great love and sacrifice during life, she had earned the right to enter Nirvana after death.

However, while standing before the gates of Paradise she heard a cry of anguish from the earth below. Turning back, she renounced her reward of bliss eternal but in its place found immortality in the hearts of the suffering. Similar to my Oracle card for the Part of Fortune, Kuan Yin was born of a lotus flower, and she is one of the many multi-armed goddesses.  Each of her arms and hands has a purpose.

These mythological stories teach universal messages, regardless of whether they stem from Buddhism, or western astrology. Perhaps Kuan Yin will join you in your Full Moon meditations.

Define; Surrender; Release 
The Virgo/Pisces axis is one of the most spiritual orientations of the zodiac. Symbolically, through Pisces, the sign of Great Water, you must set sail into the ocean – a place that is unknowable and unpredictable.

For a human being, this means that there is a quality of surrendering to the phrase ‘Thy will be done’.

Spirituality, compassion, and retreat are all in the realm of Pisces. This lunation is also called the Harvest moon – and that is what you must do ; collect all that is good in your life, and release what is no longer of value.

The Pisces/Virgo axis is also the most sensitive. It’s time to evaluate your health and also your overall energy. Pisces is also a sign of emanation – make your energy reveal your glow, your vitality, and your state of mind. At this full moon – get in touch with your innermost energy and motivations.

What’s Going On?moon_front
Other keywords for this Full Moon are:
Protection; Compassion; Mercy; Sharing; Unity; Consciousness

This is a time for:
Ending of destructive patterns that have been in motion
Recognizing and honoring the gifts of your ancestors
Releasing generational negativity
Commitment to your sacred contracts – for example – to love yourself unconditionally
Asking: What is your Divine Mission? What is the next step?

You have an opportunity now to refine your energy in preparation for the Solar and lunar eclipses that occur next month. But, here is the secret of Pisces – it’s also a time when the seeds of your new reality is  germinating. Think of Pisces as a fertile garden that holds the possibilities life of your new beginnings.

To be in flow with Universal wisdom today – take some time to reflect on what paths have fulfilled their course in your life. And then, do the inner work of letting go and, utilizing the essence of Virgo – refine your future.

There are other dynamic astrological signals this week that support you. On Wednesday, as the moon joins Uranus – pay attention to your inner urges – these will guide you to new and creative inspirations.

Astrology gives insight on your health, wealth, and even timing. Have an amazing week, and a fantastically rich and rewarding life. If you want to light up your own life with astrology, schedule your reading HERE.

I’ll be back next week with Maya’s Star Cast, and in the meantime – this week, as always – let your Light shine.


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