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Introducing Maya White

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Brexit Vote – Power to the People

10416622_971862272894074_539402681902843951_nMars has been retrograde for several months now, and this week, finally stations direct. Mars direct will be a personal game changer; it’ll help you feel more motivated and also start to see a rhyme and reason for your next steps.

All of these things have set the tone for world events, but it is Jupiter and Pluto moving into a powerful trine that has left an irrevocable signature on the Brexit vote.

It’s also important to know that Mars and Uranus also sit inconjunct , in an aspect that can be thought of as having to keep your balance on a three legged stool.

Power to the People

British voters responded to this Jupiter/Pluto trine through exerting their power (Pluto) to shape a destiny (Jupiter) and forge ahead (Mars) in a radical (Uranus) new way.

The ensuing panic and recoil responses are understandable, but under the planetary dominion of Jupiter and Pluto, the Brexit vote has sustenance and will be enacted. Astrology shows that this mandate comes from the primal consciousness of a nation, and it is a force deeper and stronger than politics.

The Brexit vote expresses the heart and will of the people and political back pedaling WILL NOT undo this directive  even though Jeremy Corbin, the leader of Britain’s Labor Party, now faces a political motion of no confidence. Corbin will fight to retain power, just like William the 1st, the first king to unite Great Britain in 1066, and it is the people, not politics, who have won this day.

Astrology explains the underpinnings of world events, and to examine the Brexit vote, I analyzed four relevant political and national birth charts:

1)    The founding of the European Union – March 25, 1957 at 6:30 PM in Rome, Italy.
2)    The date the UK joined the EU – January 1, 1973 at 12:01 PM in London, England.
3)    The political incorporation chart for the United Kingdom – Jan 1, 1801 at 12:01 AM in London.
4)    The coronation chart for William 1st on December 25, 1066, 12:01 PM in London. William 1st was the first Norman king of England.Eu-founded_chart 1

Charts #1 and #3 are interesting, but mostly just political fluff. Saturn and Mars are active, and even relevant in the EU founding chart (#1) through a transiting Mars conjunct the North Node and an impending Saturn Return.

Chart #3, the political incorporation chart reveals transiting Mars opposing Saturn; this is again political positioning, but not speaking the heart and will of the people.

It is charts #2 and #4 that hold the most relevance, the date that Great Britain actually joined the European Union,
and the coronation chart for William 1st, the  first Norman king of England.chart_2_uk_eu

Also known as William the Conqueror, his reign was marked by the construction of castles, successfully defending the nation from invasions, and a reformation of the English church.

William 1st rose to power through both ancestral and political complicity from Pope Alexander in Rome and the last Wessex British monarch who was also a distant cousin, Edward the Confessor.

The coronation chart (#4) speaks to the heart and soul of the British people.  This chart has transiting Pluto conjunct the natal Mercury, an indicator of a transformational (Pluto) decision (Mercury) being made during this year.

But more telling are transiting Jupiter and the North Node conjunct
Saturn and North Node of the Coronationjan_1_1801 chart.

This says that ‘We the People’ have grown up as a nation and now cast off the chains (Saturn) of decisions made long ago. Transiting Jupiter (in Virgo), supported by Pluto (conjunct Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo), has seized power from an ancient Saturn.

And, the most interesting chart of all is #3 – the date that Great Britain actually joined the EU.  The Moon conjunct Neptune in house 8 says that there were many hidden agendas. Because the 8th house rules monies of the ‘other’, this chart reveals hidden agendas, notably on the part of the EU.

Is it any wonder that the will of the PEOPLE is to leave? The Sun, Jupiter and thecoronation_chart North node on the Midheaven of the chart illustrate perceived status, and even some benefit, but nothing can overcome that debilitated 8th house of shared power and resources.

When the UK joined the EU they benefitted from an illusion of power, but the reality was nefarious. And, dramatically, transiting Pluto conjunct the Jupiter/North Node of the chart promises irrevocable transformation in the balance of power.

‘We the People’ of the UK have spoken. Because Mars was retrograde and 5 – 6 days from stationing direct, basic horary astrology predicts that there will be first a 5 -6 month cycle of transition, and then, another 5 – 6 years before the new direction is fully implemented. In keeping with this timeline, David Cameron immediately announced that he would step down as Prime Minister sometime in October which puts him right in the 5 – 6 month timeframe.

Predictive astrology further says that it will be 5 – 6 years before the new direction is fully implemented.

The bottom line is: astrology works when you have the right data. And, unlike the UK’s Moon/Neptunian illusion and delusional membership in the European Union – Brexit is for real, and it’s a good thing.


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