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Introducing Maya White

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Do you want to figure out your place in the world? Astrology is your answer. Astro*Carto*Graphy reveals your best place for success. While you’re here, check out my all original monthly horoscope, and sign up to receive my e-book, How to Manifest Your Best Life – Secrets of the Stars.

Aquarius Full Moon – Lighting Up Your Authenticity

Uranus works suddenly - like a lightening strike. Uranus also assists you in clearing ancestral issues and recoding your DNA.

Uranus works suddenly – like a lightening strike. Uranus also assists you in clearing ancestral issues and recoding your DNA.

Welcome to my Star Cast, your update on  what’s happening in the world of astrology and how you can apply the wisdom of astrology to enrich your life here on earth.

You’re probably aware of the upcoming Blue Moon, the second full moon of July. It’s a unique calendar placement, and we’ll not have another Blue Moon in the month of July until 2034.

Full Moon July 31st– Aquarius Blue Moon

This full moon is in the sign of Aquarius, the sign ruled by the planet Uranus. There are several tight aspects that come with this lunation. Jupiter and Venus square Saturn, and Mars square Uranus signal that there is an undercurrent of stress in the celestial matrix at this time.

Think of this full moon as a ‘second chance’ opening presented by the Universe, but you’ll have to take a BIG step up to get started on the ladder.

This Uranus fueled full moon invites you to release your Divine Gift, and fortunately, the outer planets are standing by to give you a hand up.

Retrograde City
As of Sunday, July 26th, Uranus is now retrograde until December 26th. Uranus now joins Saturn, Neptune and Pluto; all four outer planets are retrograde until Saturn stations direct on August 1st. Plus, goddess and personal planet Venus is also retrograde until September 6th, which makes for a total of five planets retrograde this week!

Retrograde planets deliver a unique timeframe to play Universal ‘catch-up’. It’s your time to make some decisions about your personal life. Think of the retrograde time period as a peculiar weather pattern, and below I list the positive potential, as well as the ‘Red Flag’s; what you want to watch out for.

Here is a short list of details for each of the planets currently retrograde:

Venus Retrograde:  Conserve, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. As I write this, I see a news headline saying: ‘stocks are getting hammered – Wall St slumps as China slump stokes growth fears’. This is a classic Venus retrograde event.

Venus impacts both money and relationships. Watch and see if someone from you past reappears; such is always a delightful confirmation of astrology playing out in your real life.

Red Flag: Take it easy on expenditures. Venus retrograde is NOT the time for large cash outlays. Pull the money in towards you, don’t give it away.
2015 Dates: July 26 to September 2

Neptune Retrograde:  Clear Vision. The gift of Neptune retrograde is that you can see ways you have been deceived, or, where you have fooled yourself. This is a time period when you want to detox and regain your health.

Clean up your act, and make some changes. Clear your mind, and weed out toxic relationships, too. Your body, mind, and spirit will love you for it.

Red Flag: An old, bad friend (spouse, friend, bad habit) comes to call.  This is when a deadly past behavior such as alcoholism shows up to reclaim you soul.
2015 Dates: June 12, to November 18

Pluto Retrograde: Transform Personal Power. You see power issues for what they really are, and it’s time to examine how you have given your power away. Like Persephone, the beloved of Pluto, go back into your personal landscape to find and polish your diamonds. Look for the jewels that slipped away; it’s never too late to reclaim what is truly yours. Your talents are examples of your most precious gifts.

Red Flag: Mean people and family members are also precious; even the ones you don’t think you like.
2015 Dates: April 16 to September 25

Saturn Retrograde: ‘Get out of Jail Free’. If you’ve been taking care of business, this time period affirms and confirms that it is so. There will be new responsibilities to come, but honor that some have been competed, and focus on release. Saturn has a bad reputation for restriction and hardship, but Saturn also grants crystal clear clarity. With Saturn, there are no questions; the path may be daunting, but you know where you’re going.

Red Flag: Big Trouble. Oh oh, Saturn just doesn’t cut any slack, and like water wearing away stone, Saturn will expose vulnerability and ask you to harden it.
2015 Dates: March 14 to August 2

Uranus Retrograde: Ancestral Clearing. Do you feel like a square peg always trying to fit into a round hole? Uranus retrograde has a cure for that. Uranus defines your culture, your society, and how you fit into the world.  You must meet this one head on, or be overcome by the hurricane.

Uranus devours the marriage that has really ended but remains as a product of status quo. Uranus blows unbearable discord into the job, or career that has run its course. Uranus works suddenly, going deeply into your ancestral past, into your DNA, destructing and reconstructing energetic cords.

Red Flag: Sometimes your Uranus runs over your Venus, and the result is a deadly crash. Save yourself first.
2015 Dates: July 25 to December 26

Blue Moon
Remember to look up into the evening sky this week and appreciate one of the greatest shows on earth –the lunation cycle. As the moon grows larger each night, so does your courage and your resolve to claim the gifts of this full moon.

The Blue Moon of July 31st is your invitation to think outside the box, and step into new possibilities that are a result of claiming your Uranian  genius on your path to authentic freedom.

Astrology gives insight on your health, wealth, and even timing. Have an amazing week, and a fantastically rich and rewarding life. If you want to light up your own life with astrology, contact me here.

I’ll be back next week with Maya’s Star Cast, and in the meantime – this week, as always – let your Light shine.

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