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Introducing Maya White

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Do you want to figure out your place in the world? Astrology is your answer. Astro*Carto*Graphy reveals your best place for success. While you’re here, check out my all original monthly horoscope, and sign up to receive my e-book, How to Manifest Your Best Life – Secrets of the Stars.

Gemini Full Moon – Curiosity and Exploration

12278766_953664328047202_1242279332108746545_nHow exciting it is to look up in the sky and see the clear, full moon. We now welcome the Gemini full moon.

One of the magical things about the moon is that she is ever changing in the sky, yet she is a marker of constancy.

When you get in tune with the moon, you can know that life is a process of change and growth; however there is also a process of rhythm and substance to it all.

The sun is now in Sagittarius, the sign of ‘the Explorer’. Sagittarius aligns with the teachings of the 9th house of astrology – the house of Wisdom and Higher Mind.

As you explore, you move beyond your previous limitations and your mind expands as you learn about new lifestyles.

Sometimes the road to growth gets messy as you encounter potholes, bumps, and mud. You may meet people whose patterns and beliefs are not in alignment with yours. It’s all part of the process.

A baby enters the world surrounded by blood and amniotic fluids. Birth is rarely neat and tidy, but it’s magical.

And so are the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini.   This season invites you to step out of your ‘zone’ and exercise your natural curiosity.  Gemini, the air sign, also teaches that you can reach out through mental exploration.

With Venus and Mars also in the compatible air sign of Libra it’s time to think before you leap. However, the reward for making the jump is exponential at this time.

The Universe invites you now to activate your curiosity. One of the gifts of Gemini is to tread lightly. Think of Mercury, the Messenger and ruling planet of Gemini. Mercury is known for brilliance, and this full moon at 3 degrees of Gemini activates a unique degree of the zodiac  -one that’s associated with breakthroughs in technology.

One of the ways astrology works is that you can look to the past for clues as to what will develop in the future.
Looking back in time, we see that Neptune and Pluto were conjunct at 3 to 5 degrees of Gemini in the late 19th century.

These were years of magical (Neptune) transformations (Pluto) in technology. Advances such as   X-ray technology, the internal combustion engine, and the telephone were all birthed between 1892 and 1895. It was also during these years that Nicolai Tesla introduced alternating current generators.

The 21st century has brought a dramatic change in the price of oil. Is it possible that one of the reasons for this change in the market has to do with new technologies that make oil no longer a vital commodity?

I predict that before the end of 2016 you will hear about technological advancements that are smart, safe, and make life better for those who have access. I will also not be surprised if it’s revealed that these advances are based on discoveries made in the late 1800’s.

Remember, you are witnessing the birth pangs of a great new consciousness. Yes, it’s noisy, messy, frightening at times, and ‘in your face’. But, it’s also miraculous. The stars teach you now to retain your childlike curiosity; they invite you to explore your world, and exponentially expand your reality.

Wishing you the blessings of growth and the joy of curiosity.

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