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Introducing Maya White

Do you want to figure out your place in the world? maya_white_5745_LR_pp_comp_cc copy_LR_web (2)
Astrology is your answer. Astro*Carto*Graphy reveals your best place for success.

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Leo New Moon * Tabla Rasa

lThe Leo New Moon today initiates a wonderful time to reset troubling aspects of your life path. Exactly at 3:42 pm PT/ 6:L42 pm ET the Sun and the Moon align at 4 degrees of Leo.

Nearby, also in early Leo is Jupiter, the planet of expansion, opportunities, and even good luck. When understood and activated properly, Jupiter has a special gift – that of growth supported by an alignment with Spirit and guidance from you Higher Mind.

Beginners Mind

The troubling qualities of Jupiter are – TOO MUCH. Too much of a good thing; over spending; over eating; even bossy people who think they know it all are all examples of Jupiter gone wrong. Of course, we both know YOU are smart, aware, and in tune with only the best aspects of Jupiter.

When those positive Jupiter opportunity bubbles float by you, be ready to seize the day and catch as many as you can. Your job is to stay in the zone of awareness, which is always done best by living in the present, not the future or the past.

When you regard each day as a Tabla Rasa, a fresh new slate upon which you write the book of your life, you’ll harvest the ultimate rewards.

You and Free Will Choice

In astrology, the planet aligned with Leo is the Sun – which represents your will. Astrology does not replace your will by telling you what to do; rather, it offers guidance and insight on how to best apply your will. With the Sun and Moon aligned in Leo, and with the blessings of Jupiter, you now activate one of your most special and divine gifts – that of free will choice.

How are you doing? When I say do-ing, I am referring to your ability to first define what it is you REALLY want (or need) to DO, and then to step ahead and go for it.This Leo New Moon is an invitation to activate your will power to apply the wisdom of your Higher Mind united with spiritual guidance.

In the Zone

Mars entered Scorpio on Friday, the 25th. Here, in the sign of his ancient rulership, Mars and Scorpio speak a similar language – at least – they understand each other. The marker for success with Mars is Scorpio is that he needs a worthy mission and then activates the eagle/phoenix aspect of the Sun sign. Passion, blood, pure heart – the ‘Sangre de Christo’ makes for positive deeds of Mars in Scorpio.

It’s time to DO those things you’ve been thinking about. The world is your stage- and you’re the star of your own show! Nobody else can do it like you..

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