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Introducing Maya White

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Do you want to figure out your place in the world? Astrology is your answer. Astro*Carto*Graphy reveals your best place for success. While you’re here, check out my all original monthly horoscope, and sign up to receive my e-book, How to Manifest Your Best Life – Secrets of the Stars.

Aquarius Full Moon and the Shadow Eclipse

moon_frontNight by night the moon has been growing in the sky, this week, late Wednesday night, the moon peaks full in Aquarius.

A sign of social justice, Aquarius breaks down barriers. Many people incorrectly think that Aquarius is a water sign, but it’s actually a fixed air sign. The fixed air quality and element are what gives Aquarius natives their resolute capacity to know their minds.

The full moon of August 18 is being described as the ‘almost lunar eclipse’ because it’s not visible from any place on the earth.

Because of this peculiarity, I think of it as a ‘shadowed eclipse’.  A Lunar Eclipse addresses what you are learning, and it relates to events created through your own thoughts and feelings.

The shadow (the eclipse) is there; you don’t see it, but you might feel it.

Transformation Station

The full moon is ushered in with a lush Venus trine Pluto. This aspect is one of magnetism and it supports seeing the positive potential for any situation. Under this full moon signature, Grace (Venus) grants access to Power (Pluto.)

And, if you have been the recipient of a harsh cosmic insight ( such as friend turned critic) that comes so easily now as Mars quickly approaches Saturn, you can choose to take the criticism for what it’s worth, consider the source, and move on with a positive vibe; accept the Power of Grace. northnode_front

The karmic nodes, which must be near the Sun and Moon in a full eclipse, are not there yet. The north and south nodes advise on your life purpose and potential.

The nodes are paired up with Venus and Neptune at this time; Venus conjuncts the north node, and Neptune conjunct the south node.

Think of the south node conjunct Neptune as a repository of karma; the saying ‘you reap what you sow’ is especially poignant for this weeks’ shadow eclipse. But, there is also an opportunity for monumental progress because the north node conjunct Venus cultivates spiritual growth.

The north node conjunct Venus also develops the self-confidence required for personal love, and the Aquarius full moon inspires your fulfilled soul to love humanity.

Peace One Earth
Wishing you an awakened full moon. Keep your hopes and wishes alive and feed your dreams with a breath of fresh air and persistence.

May you awaken and channel power of a fulfilled and self-realized life and may we all find a unifying core of truth that feeds the Light of love on the earth.

PS – If you want to light up your own life with astrology, contact me HERE.


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