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Introducing Maya White

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Mercury Retrograde – Stepping Back to Move Ahead

Mercury retrograde is your time to regroup and reconsider

Mercury retrograde is your time to regroup and reconsider

This Thursday, April 28th, Mercury joins the planetary rewind.  There are now  five planets moving retrograde, and Mercury lies solidly in Taurus for this  journey.

Because Mercury will be moving back into the lunar ruled face of Taurus, be prepared for people to change their minds.

Everybody is ‘thinking’ really hard; deep thought will be a marker for the month of May and one of your keys to sanity will be to remain fluid and learn to go with the flow.

Also, it’s a time when ‘things’ from the past will reappear.

Just this week, as Mercury was standing still, I received a notification in the mail about a lost refund check that had been issued to me in 2013! Receiving monies owed from the past is a classic Mercury retrograde in Taurus experience; it was a nice surprise, and I hope you will something similar happen for you, too.

You can also practice the best secret of Moon energy which is: check in with your emotions.

Plus, pay attention to signs and symbols, which are the language of your unconscious mind.

Frankly, with five planets retrograde now, you may feel like stepping into a cave for some quiet time. When Mercury dances retrograde in Taurus, allow for a slow waltz into your values. Dig deeply into what is really important in your life. Is it a relationship that needs more attention?

Think of this as a time for soul provisioning, and prepare for the rest of this year.

Gathering Resources and Inner Work

Here are some key words for this Mercury retrograde:
* Review
* Refine
* Reinvent
* Reform
* Reevaluate
* Re-frame

It’s also a great time to re-set your metabolism, and, many will re-consider decisions made long ago.

Mercury retrograde is an especially potent time to get acquainted with your subconscious mind. The Hawaiian shamanic tradition of HUNA teaches that it is the subconscious self that speaks to and sends prayers to the Higher Self.

So, as the moon also grows smaller each night in the sky, this is a rich time to do inner work as we move into the most powerful manifestation cycle  – the Taurus New moon on Friday May 6th.

This week and next, find time to think and plan, and to meet and greet all parts of your magnificent self.

There are many techniques to communicate with your subconscious mind – such as tapping and breath meditations, even moving meditations, and they all involve setting the intention to identify, and then communicate.

Do not worry that you’re missing the boat of outer activities, because there it’s really not going anywhere that is outside of yourself.

Get comfortable with the unfolding of life and connect with the power of Gratitude.

and, this week, as always – let your Light shine.

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