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Introducing Maya White

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November- What’s Going On?

The 8th House is a home of the Ouroboros, the ancient alchemical image of rebirth and transformation

The 8th House is a home of the Ouroboros, the ancient alchemical image of rebirth and transformation

November 2014 – What’s Going On

Some will be excited and happy to move into November and the sun sign of Scorpio and others may look on this time with trepidation. Scorpio has a reputation for intensity and not everyone wants to deal with that.

I want to invite you to the positive side of Scorpio, and the exciting month ahead. Besides, what other month begins with a time called ‘All Saints Day’?

Since ancient times, the season of Scorpio is a time when life and death meet, and even change places. Even the idea of ‘All Saints Day’, or the ‘Feast of all Souls’, as deemed by the Catholic Church transcends secular ancient pagan beliefs and organized religion.

People worldwide are fascinated by the idea of lighting fires and wearing costumes to ward off ghosts. How many of you did something to participate in Halloween? We all do.

The Ouroboros

The Ouroboros represents infinity as well as wholeness, and is symbolized as a snake eating its own tail. The space inside of the Ouroboros is a locus – or prime starting place. Both are important.

Carl Jung described it as ‘a dramatic symbol for the integration and assimilation of the opposite, i.e. of the shadow.’ The actions taken during the season of Scorpio can be likened to the outer action of the Ouroboros – those of movement and direction. Yet, the reason or motivation is always a critical part of any action.

Scorpio is the season when we are reminded of our part in the cycle of rebirth and renewal. There are two planets associated with Scorpio – Mars and Pluto. Mars is the ancient or traditional ruler of the sign; Pluto was assigned rulership when discovered in the 1930’s. Again, both are important. (Scorpio is dualistic in nature, anyway.)

A Busy, Busy Month Ahead

Whether you’re a traditionalist or a modernist regarding which planet correctly rules Scorpio, what’s interesting, is that on November 10th, Mars conjunct Pluto! This could be a fearsome meeting; the lord of war (Mars) in pow-wow with the big kahuna of life and death (Pluto).

However, based on my real life observation of astrology, I know that both Mars and Pluto are wise and deserving of power. These two warriors know that annihilation is not a benefit to either one, and they will find a way to negotiate. Let’s watch this dynamic play out on the world stage.

The next day, on November 11th, we have another major planetary aspect, Mercury trine Neptune which equates to finding a way to work together. On the 12th, Venus is conjunct Saturn (taking responsibility for well-being) and Mars squares Uranus. Under other circumstances, Mars square Uranus can turn into a big fight and free-for-all, but Mars in Capricorn is more conservative, and again, I think that you’ll see more solutions and fewer troubles in November.

The Full Moon of November 6th is nicely aspected with the Moon trine both Mars and Pluto, and the Sun and Venus within 4 degrees of each other. Look for stability and compassion to become markers of the remainder of 2014.

The New Moon of November 22nd opens up the first degree of Sagittarius and the next day, the 23rd, the moon activates a magical fire trine with Jupiter and Uranus. On the 26th, Venus trine Uranus is another aspect of creative solutions.

November is a time when truth will come out, but also when people will find a way to move ahead. In keeping with the seasonal theme of completion, of wholeness and rebirth, let’s affirm that the rebirth cycle of Scorpio will deliver a new era of problem solving and creativity.

Like the Ouroboros, circle your energies and find your truth in the wholeness of what is and what is not. Recognize that there is a destructive side of Scorpio, and examine your life and your motivations in the light of this reality. Scorpio is nurtured by friends and family, and although he/she needs time alone, abhors the shadow of isolation. Celebrate the fertility of your world and your life in this time of irrevocable transition.

You can make it a good one!

In Gratitude,


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