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Introducing Maya White

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Do you want to figure out your place in the world? Astrology is your answer. Astro*Carto*Graphy reveals your best place for success. While you’re here, check out my all original monthly horoscope, and sign up to receive my e-book, How to Manifest Your Best Life – Secrets of the Stars.

Pluto and the Art of Transformation

Plieades_editNo Drama Zone

“Half my life is an act of revision”
John Irving

Think of this week as the calm after the storm.

Last month, Mars was the dynamo, and he did his job well as he lit a match under the Uranus/Pluto square. Last week it was Sol – the Sun –bringing actualization to the skies as he joined Mercury in again lighting a fire to the forces of dynamic change that are shaping our world. Sometimes it feels as though we are in a collective yo-yo exhibition as the world wobbles to and fro, and sometimes to spin faster and faster.

My invitation is – don’t buy into the drama. Just like on television, it’s the bad news always vying for attention; but you don’t have to tune into that channel. Find the Healing Channel, and get your self and your life on track.

Claim this week as your time to – SLOW DOWN. This week the Moon is decreasing in size, and correspondingly, you can wind down too. This week is a time of preparation for the New Moon on Saturday. This week of the waning moon is always good for finalizing projects and getting things wrapped up.

Make your plans for what to do after the Aries New Moon cycle that initializes this weekend.

Although the sun is in Aries until April 20th, we have a lot of grounded energy from the sign Taurus going on now. Hard moving Mars is in Taurus now, and this week Mercury the busy planet of communication moves into Taurus. Get grounded and centered to enter the New Moon – and kick it into gear. Taurus makes it all real.

Pluto RetrogradePluto_front
On Thursday, April 16th Pluto stations retrograde – moving in apparent backward motion until September 24th, one day after the Autumnal Equinox and just a few days before the final, number 4 of 4, of the 2014/2015 Blood Moons.

Mythology is rich in stories that help us understand the archetype of Pluto, ruler of the underworld and one of the gate keepers of karma (Saturn being the other). My favorite image of Pluto is that of a volcano.

Pluto is the fire burning inside the earth and his fury can suddenly erupt, wreaking havoc on the face of the earth. And, never forget that mysterious Pluto wears a helmet of invisibility to remain unseen when he unleashes transformation upon the world.

Pluto has many riches, but what he really wants is something that money cannot buy. Pluto wants power; and he yearns for  love.

It is the lava flowing down the side of the volcano that bears the rich minerals and nourishment for rejuvenation and the creation of new life. Rebirth is the ultimate gift of Pluto, and when retrograde, it’s your special time to explore your gifts and give new life to your individual expression. It’s your protected space to fix what is broken. And, in keeping with the earth modality of Pluto, it’s a great time to rejuvenate you body through nutrition, especially replenishing minerals.

The House structure of your natal chart will provide details on’ What to Do’, and also even specifies
‘How to Do it’. (Where Pluto is in your birth chart is your ‘WHAT’ and where Capricorn sits in your chart is your HOW’.) Charting your natal Pluto to transiting Pluto links your karmic past with the growth lessons of your current lifetime.

Collectively, Pluto retrograde speaks to the use of power and authority and it winds back to looking at ‘who gets to make up the rules’. It’s about retribution and karmic correction.  Already we see the US Presidential candidates making their intentions known and lining up to stake a claim to power – (note how many have already made their declaration while Pluto is still direct).

Take the best of your life, and make it better with the wisdom of astrology.

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