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Introducing Maya White

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Do you want to figure out your place in the world? Astrology is your answer. Astro*Carto*Graphy reveals your best place for success.

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Aquarius Full Moon

zodiac_wheelAquarius Full Moon    August 10  11:09 am (PT)

Today, Friday August 8th is one of the most potent days of the year. We get a stellar combination of numerology and astrology – the power of 8, the infinity number joined with a Sun and Mercury conjunction.

The moon in power broker sign, Capricorn, insures that decisions will be made, and everybody’s playing with the same deck of cards, and paying out of the same pocket.  Finally.

Reality Check
How does this play out in your life? Now is a time when the cards are laid out on the table; there’s little wiggle room for bluffing, or even joking. The ironic part is – that this can make you happy because now you know where things stand.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign and brings us to a time, Universally, when as decisions are made, and then implemented. Aquarians can be mercury_frontstubborn, and they rarely change their mind.

There are many notable people born under the Sun sign of Aquarius, Abraham Lincoln being one that stands out for me. Lincoln withstood almost every challenge imaginable to fulfill his destiny – yet in true Aquarius fashion, he held his vision.

Here’s a rundown of the aspects for today and tomorrow, all leading up to Full Moon on Sunday, which is technically another ‘Supermoon’ meaning that it’s closer to the earth, and will appear extra-large in the sky.

Because of the proximity to earth, in the language of astrology, it means that the astrological conditions at this time are amplified.

This weekend’s Supermoon illuminates a world of change, but also a time of substance.   On Friday we time travel with the Sun conjunct Mercury, and with the Sun and Mercury trine Uranus we see a smooth transition.

With the Sun conjunct Mercury today, we remember Thoth, the great magician and scribe. He was associated by the Egyptians with speech, literature, arts, learning. Credited with inventing alphabets, Thoth also measured and recorded time.

Sun Conjunct Mercury

Symbolically, the union of Sun and Mercury represents a meeting of Will and Mind. Mercury is also associated with the process of uniting intuition, feeling, thinking, and sensation; a process leading to Divine Alchemy.

Mercury possesses the caduceus, the staff of healing. Being the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury (aka Hermes) was also recognized as the only deity who could enter the Underworld and then return to the world of the living. The staff of Mercury is a pathway for Kundalini, and facilitates the union of male and female energy. Such a bright star!

What Does That Mean?
How this all applies to you is:  It’s a powerful time to claim your dream! Think of it as asking for a raise in salary from the Universe; or granting yourself one. This Full Moon is one to celebrate unity, and prepare for new beginnings.

Energetically, you want to wrap up old nagging energetic black holes.

Align with the energy of completion. Harvest and fulfillment are also keywords for the time of Full Moon; so often people work diligently on a project, yet don’t know how, or they fail to reap their harvest. Don’t make that mistake!

Meet your most powerful and vibrant self, and go the extra step to finalize old projects so that you can clear the slate and leap into a new cycle of growth.

Happy Full Moon!

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