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Introducing Maya White

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Do you want to figure out your place in the world? Astrology is your answer. Astro*Carto*Graphy reveals your best place for success. While you’re here, check out my all original monthly horoscope, and sign up to receive my e-book, How to Manifest Your Best Life – Secrets of the Stars.

What’s Going On – Weekly Starcast for December 8 – 14

Taj_photoHello and Welcome to Maya’s Star Cast, where I bring you the weekly update on what’s happening in the world of astrology – and how you can apply the wisdom of astrology to enrich your life here on earth.

We come into this week of December 8th on the heels of a Full moon in Gemini on December 6th. The moon is always busy, changing signs every 2 days, but in the first part of this month, Mercury and Jupiter are the movers and shakers.

Last week, on the 5th of December, Mercury formed a gracious trine to Uranus – an aspect that supports you in releasing your special, unique quality of genius out into the world. Did you come up with some new solutions to old problems? Do you dare to follow through on your inspiration?

These are the best questions to ask now because today, Mercury, the planet of ideas, thought, and communication travels into the heart of the Sun.  What it means for you is that it’s time to organize and release your wishes for the month, and even the year ahead. Jupiter also stations retrograde today. This means is that it’s time to look at what motivates you rather than just how you can get more.

Think of it as looking at your world, your finances, and even your life from your innermost lens. What you do to earn money must reflect who you are, and what you have to give.

Although it may feel frustrating – until mid-April, when Jupiter moves into direct motion again, it’s a good time to increase your savings rather than your possessions. Invest in your home, your family, and even yourself – don’t get hooked into spending money pursuing old dreams or trying to correct past failures.FullSizeRender (4)

Because Jupiter is now in Leo, it IS a good time to invest in yourself, but evaluate wisely and insure that you are feeding your brightest light and not your dark, hungry ghost.

Turning Point
Sunday, the 14th is one of the more dynamic days of 2014. The Sun trine Jupiter on December 14th amplifies any energy you choose to put out in the world; if you’re grouchy and negative, that is what will return your way. So, take this as a head’s up to plan a great day, one that inspires you and also enriches the Universe.

Venus sextile Neptune within the auspices of a last quarter Virgo moon signals a great day to enjoy the company of friends rather than fighting the crowds at the shopping malls. It’s a good day to delve into the art of conversation.

Uranus square Pluto = Revolution
The 14th also delivers #6 of 7 Uranus square Pluto dates that have been developing since June of 2012. The last date in this series is March 17, 2015. Get ready because the Uranus/Pluto square in March 2015 is fueled by Mars in Aries which conjuncts Uranus on March 11th. This will surely light a match to situations that are tenuous.

A Note to the Wise Ones
Mark your calendar, please! Avoid travel in mid-March if possible, and keep yourself safe so that you can contribute your unique and special gift to the world. The gift of March 2015 is a New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 20th at 29 degrees Pisces – the last degree of the zodiac which says ‘the good guys win.’ And, you will, too especially if you play your game using the advantage of astrology.

There is a positive side to this planetary stress. We’ve seen a culture of violence and prejudice within institutions being exposed and other deceitful icons such as Bill Cosby being brought to light; secrets (Pluto) exposed through the technology (Uranus) of video and media.

The Beat Goes On – the Present is a Gift
To maximize the positive potential for this week of December 8th and the remainder of this year – wind back to who you really are, not what you think people want you to be. You cannot buy love, so create a budget and stick to it. It’s time to cherish the things that money cannot buy! Get in touch with your emotions behind money, so reach out through the currency of love.

Astrology gives insight on your health, wealth, and even timing. Have an amazing week, and a fantastically rich and rewarding life. If you want to light up your own life with astrology, contact me through this web site.

I’ll be back next week with Maya’s Star Cast, and in the meantime – this week, as always – let your Light shine.

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